The story of Soledad in Philippines

Dear Friends,

Because of your faithfulness, you are now supporting more people and more ministries than you originally started with by sending Karen and me to the Philippines. Let me introduce you to your latest ministry.

A young Bible school graduate got the burden four years ago to win the people of Ragay, her hometown, to Christ. Her name is Soledad Cordinete. Soledad started Bible studies, shared the gospel, and despite opposition from established religious groups was able to win some of her people to Christ. But she needed help. So, she came to Manila to find some. The manager of the train station in Ragay is a Christian and allowed Soledad to ride the train for free.

She needed something to make an impact on the people and had heard of our basketball ministry. When I finally met her through another missionary I knew we had to try and help her. She prayed that we would come to Ragay but she had no money to pay us or help us get there. I told her God would answer her prayer and I had Christian friends in the States that would help us get there. She went back, overjoyed to tell the people we were going to come to Ragay. But they did not believe her. Why should they? Soledad had no money or influence to bring a basketball team to Ragay except for the influence of the Holy Spirit which they didn’t realize yet.

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